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Makuta ichidar

The New Leader Of the Brotherhood, Makuta Ichidar.

"I've become a holder of great responsibility...and that is to destroy all things good. So I shall."-Makuta Ichidar when he rose to power.

The quite unknown Makuta Ichidar was once the tactical advisor to Makuta Gelrax, and a trusted friend of Gelrax's. Since Gelrax's death, it's becoming quite obvious that Ichidar is going to become the new leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta(Toa-Tera).

Becoming Leader[]

Becoming leader was not easy. There were many fights. However, by winning them, Ichidar got his place as Leader. He now has the responsibility of all of the brotherhood in his hands, and he has since chosen to continue the path of evil Makuta Gelrax led the Brotherhood on.

Following Menax[]

Unknown at the time to Vessen and Menax, Ichidar had been following them while they were searching for a missing matoran. After they had been sent through a portal to another dimension, Ichidar followed them in. He ended up in Boka Nui, and continued to follow them.

His End?[]

Feeling powerful, Ichidar attacked Vessen, Menax, and the toa-team the two had met. After injuring Vessen and the Toa-Team of that universe, who weren't expecting an attack on them, Ichidar was killed by Menax...or so they thought.


On the verge of death, Ichidar crawled back to his underground hideout, where he, and another makuta, sacrificed themselves to revive Gelrax.