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Icarax is the head and co-founder of the Corroders, an organization infamous for its monopoly over the drug trade in the western Matoran Universe.


Icarax was born in the upper echelons of Steltian society to a pair of nobles, one of whom was Voporak. Though he was raised in a relatively wealthy household, his parents were, for reasons unknown to him at the time, barely ever home; consequentially, he barely recalled them by his later years. In reality, his parents were actually undercover Order of Mata Nui agents. They had been a part of the Order ever since their childhood days, and spent the rest of their time in preparation for a top secret mission - a mission to infiltrate the island of Destral and assassinate Makuta Teridax himself.

Soon came the day - which was also Icarax's seventh birthday - that Icarax's parents had trained for. Tragically, they were not present to celebrate their son's birthday, and so he was forced to celebrate it on his own. With confetti, a homemade cake, and a dozen party hats, Icarax deemed himself prepared to throw a birthday party on his own. Little did he know that he would not possibly have been prepared for what would happen next.

Meanwhile, Icarax's parents enacted their mission to assassinate Teridax. By stowing away on a shipment of Nesquik® brand chocolate flavor powder headed to Destral, they were able to reach the island successfully. However, their plan met a hitch when the shipment was intercepted by Teridax directly. The Makuta leader had come to inspect the delicious Nesquik® brand chocolate flavor powder himself, but was enraged to see that there were actually 385 containers of Nesquik® brand chocolate flavor powder instead of the 392 he had ordered - and in their place were two Steltian stowaways! Teridax resolved to deal with the issue the only way he knew how - with his bolt-action M40 sniper rifle and impeccable aim. With a magnificent leap and 360 degree turn, Teridax unloaded his bullet into the two unfortunate Steltian nobles, earning a collateral and instantly killing Icarax's mother. However, Voporak had planned for just such an occasion, and was wearing a bullet-resistant kevlar vest, protecting him from the damage. Impressed by Voporak's tenacity, Teridax instead resolved to use him from his own purposes, and turn him into a mutant supersoldier with control over time itself. Icarax never saw him again.

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