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"When I think of what I was like in the past, a word comes to mind: Mean"



Iakorahk started out as a dark hunter named "Stormbringer". His first memory was being awakened in a dark laboratory. He could here the sounds of battle and he smelled something, something he hated, though had no idea why, the smell of a toa. When he was put into the Toa/dark hunter war, it was toa that he first ran to. He began to attack, but when he saw another toa save his victim, he stopped. Upon stopping the toa looked at him long and hard. Then the dark hunter looked back, not for the same reason, no. He looked at him as if he was pondering something. Then, out of the blue, he shot at the Toa. Another Toa jumped in the way. Then he looked at the Toa again with realization in his stare. Then a toa shot at him from afar. Half expecting to have another dark hunter to protect him, he forgot to dodge. When the energy hit him, he realized the error in his calculations.

When he awoke the next day, still on the battlefield. He looked around for any dark hunters. There were none. Angered for the lack of honor in his "friends", he let out a roar that made some Skakdi in Zakaz say,

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"... Never mind."

After that he went to the Toa. They soon took him in after they saw he truly hated the dark hunters. Sadly the Toa weren't the only ones to notice this. Spies for the dark hunters soon told The Shadowed One about this, and he and the dark hunters soon branded Stormbringer with the name Iakorahk, a crule way of saying: he who betrayed. That soon led to hatred toward him and "coincidentally" the disapearance of a few dark hunters.

Powers and Tools[]

Iakorahk has the power over electricity, allowing him to control chain-lightning, manipulate robots using electricity and short circuit electricly powered machinery. He also was created with super strength and hunting abilities and can hunt down anything ,save a wielder of the mask of stealth.

Iakorahk has a weakening staff that allows him to draw electricity from enemies and release it at any given time. He also weilds shoulder and tail mounted automatic weaponry (machine guns) and a kanoka launcher that has the second function of launching his electric energies.


  • Iakorahk was created by The Shadowed One to fight in the toa/dark hunter war, so there is no others of his kind.
  • Iakorahk is made completely with 2000-2005 peices save a mahri tube and color.