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Hydra Effect

Hydra Effect is a regenerative ability in some genetically modified beings.


The Hydra Effect is created from the manipulation of specific genes by merging them with certain Makuta Viruses. This merger causes the genes to mutate, so that when a host's cells lose life, these genes begin a max repairation of the being's physical, psychological, and elemental structure. When the gene activates, it causes a host's strength, size, and power to multiply by a factor of two.


The Hydra Effect grants a being immortality as long as one cell of them is left after being killed. It can also be used as a scare tactic, since no one expects a dead being to resurrect as an even more powerful creature.


Too many regenerations within a short amount of time may cause insanity or cellular degeneration, causing a being's intelligence to regress while power increases, similar to the effect of Hordika venom. Too many regenerations will result in a creature becoming to large, and they will collapse under their own weight.

Also, if enough of a bearer of the power is destroyed, they will only regenerate into their normal form.



  • Hydra effect is inspired by the mythological creature known as the hydra. When one of the Hydra's heads is cut off, two regrow in its place, similar to how a Hydra effect user regenerates twice as powerful as before.
  • The name was also inspired by said mythological creature.