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Hundraz is a highly intelligent energy hound that has three eyes. He is also known to be a Rogue Phantom member.


The Matoran in Hundraz's homeland performed multiple experiments to create more powerful weapons, but instead, they created a substance that releases radiation and mutates everything within the radiation range into the forms that reflects their thoughts. Hundraz was infected during this sequence of events and was thus turned into a three-eyed monster. His speed increased and his ambition, as a reflection, turned into shadow energy that he could now channel through his third eye. His organic parts had almost disappeared during the transformation, he became much stronger as well as had become more intellegent. Altogether his senses were left extremely accurate.


Hundraz, as an energy Hound, can travel as quick as a great Kakama. He was once the most cunning and even  one of the brightest of his species that had an ambition of becoming a warrior that fights against Makuta.The land from which he came from is dominated by mindless warriors and a ruling Turaga. After some time on his island, the warriors started to capture specimens in order to test what could the newly created substance be able to do. It was because of this that Hundraz was captured and placed in a tank. After being exposed to the substance, Hundraz gained strange new powers and a powerfull new ability. He was then recruited as a Rogue Phantom while Toa Mukata had traveled to his homeland to find a Makoki stone. Hundraz attacked Mukata but was soon trapped in a stasis field conjured by the Toa.

Powers and Tools[]

Hundraz doesn't wield any kind of weapon, but in addition to his mutation, he has wing-like long claws sprouting from his front legs. His most remarkable "tool" however is his third eye, which is able to fire beams of pure darkness at either foes and/or objects. He also has lighning fast reflexes and can, when in a state of fury, move as fast as an Avohkah.

HUndraz hindlegs