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Huna (Character)
Orange Huna
Paint Brush
Alive, on Dromii
"She makes our lives colorful."
―Turaga Ilona

Huna is one of the First Matoran. She is a skilled painter that paints anything from statues to huts.


Long ago, Mata Nui created Huna along with the other First Matoran and placed her on Dromii to live there. However, Dromii started to sink and Mata Nui made Hangi a Toa to rescue them to Manuin. Huna was one of the Matoran to be evacuated. She too, experienced the storm which was caused by the creation of Manuin, with the others. Finally they found Manuin where they found the Canyon of the Great Spirit and Hangi became a Turaga.

Hangi made Huna a painter, seeing that he liked different colours and testing with them. Huna became good at her job. He painted huts from requests of their owners and also painted all of Epina's statues. Thanks to Huna, the Canyon of the Great Spirit became a colorful place. Many also liked and respected Huna.

During the dangers made by Makaatu on the village, Huna didn't do much, just tried to avoid the danger. She, however, gave many good ideas about what they should do in different dangerous situations. When Makaatu made his final strike and captured the Matoran in Matoran Pods, Huna was one of them. She was then taken away.

Her pod was rescued by the First Toa and she was awakened with the rest in the Hangi Canyon. She had forgotten everything of the past, which made the new Turaga (previously the First Toa) upset. Huna became the painter again, making sure that the Hangi Canyon had plenty of color in it.

When the great flood came, Huna was evacuated into the local shopping center with the others. After the flood, Mata Nui gave the Matoran eleven assignments. Huna's job during this time was to paint the boat the Matoran would use to travel back to Dromii. As did the other Matoran, Huna too witnessed the rising of Dromii.

Currently Huna works in Dromii as a painter, painting everything that needs color. He's respected and loved by all the Matoran and Turaga.

Abilities and Traits[]

Huna is a bit shy, but friendly. She has lots of different opinions and a colorful mind but hesitates to show it to others. She is loved for her honesty and dedication to her work and the fact she brings bright colors to their land even at the time of darkness.

Huna carries a big paint brush which she uses in painting.


  • Huna inspired Mata Nui to name the Mask of Concealment after her name, in the Matoran Universe.
  • After arriving at Dromii, Huna became sick for a few days but recovered quickly.

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