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Hook's team
Hook 5
Currently Aurea Magna
Toa Mahri, Toa Nuva, Takanuva, Ignika, Various Glatorian
Piraka's Team, Skrall, Teridax, Shaller (Formerly)

Hook's Team consists of many members. Hook considers everyone family.


Hook's team was originally just Hook, Lefit, and Fihand assisting the Toa Inika during their journey on Voya Nui. There were eventually more members added, and after the Kanohi Ignika went to Mahri Nui, Hook started his own team. A few surviving members of Nightslasher's team later merged into Hook's team. They would later go on in helping the Toa Mahri and Toa Nuva in their respective missions of reviving Mata Nui. Teridax banished the team into space along with the Kanohi Ignika, the reason behind this unknown. The team would later make their way to Bara Magna. They are also half responsible for caused the Universal Reform, an event that completely destroyed and merged several universes together.



  • The Toa Aurea
    • Hook - Leader, Toa of Time
    • Azon - Toa of Fate
    • Jaller - Toa of Fire
    • Glacund - Formerly the Toa Salaco of Ice, now a Toa Aurea
    • Amisah - Toa of Water
    • Dude - Toa of Gravity
  • Toa merged from other Toa teams
    • Hahli - Toa Mahri of Water
    • Paldur - Toa Strike of Stone
    • Cathrein - Toa Strike of Light
    • Aione - Toa of Plasma, Way of the Sword
    • Kanan - Toa of Psionics, Way of the Sword
    • Gali - Toa Nuva of Water
    • Roselena - Toa Mizu of Water
  • Other Toa
    • Faitress - Toa of Fate
    • Lesovikk - Toa of Air
    • Evnika - Corrupt "Toa" of Life from another dimension


  • Veztakbra - Hook's Brother
  • Kardas - A second enlarged Fenrakk was turned into the dragon
  • Nightslasher's Team
    • Nightslasher - Leader of his own team
    • Zombie - Honorary Member Of Nightslasher's Team
    • Hydraxon - Member Of Nightslasher's Team
    • Maxi - Member Of Nightslasher's Team


  • Gresh
  • Kiina
  • Ackar
  • Gelu
  • Strakk
  • Virex
  • Tarix
  • Vastus

Other Members[]

  • Lefit - Hook's best friend
  • Fihand
  • Phan
  • Klakk - Phan's best friend
  • Klakk
  • Grabb
  • Doum
  • Bourd
  • Bueild
  • Rohvur
  • Weelie
  • Vohtarak - Jaller's Pet
  • Pitoran
  • Bird - Nightslasher's pet


  • There have been three bases for the team so far, the first one on Voya Nui, the second one in Mahri Nui and Karda Nui, which was destroyed, and the third one on Karda Nui and Bara Magna.


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Toa: Hook (Leader)  • Hahli  • Azon  • Faitress  • Jaller (Shaller)  • Roselina  • Dude  • Hahli II  • Lesovikk  • Evnika  • Glacund  • Gali  • Aione  • Kanan  • Paldur  • Cathrein

Warriors: Veztakbra  • Nightslasher  • Zombie  • Hydraxon  • Maxi  • Kardas

Others: Lefit  • Fihand  • Virex