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Holy Matoran

Nowah, previously a Holy Matoran

Powers Unknown
Location(s) Henkka Island
Status Living normal lives

The Holy Matoran are Matoran created directly by Mata Nui for several, noble destinies. Henkka is a Holy Matoran.


The Holy Matoran were created by Mata Nui along with the Henkka Island long ago, but later than the other Matoran. They were placed on the island. The Matoran there knew nothing about the outside world or their tasks, and still don't. Henkka is the only exception. He is supposed to be the leader of the Holy Matoran, after all.


The Holy Matoran in Manga/Anime form.

The Holy Matoran just lived on the island doing their chores for many years. One day, however, Henkka invited six Holy Matoran to his castle and turned them into the Holy Toa through the Henkka Suva and sent them to obtain the Symbol of Mata Nui.

When the Holy Toa returned with the stone, they were pursued by the Monster Army. Henkka led the Holy Matoran in battle against them, which they won.

Weeks later, when Henkka and the Holy Toa were on Mabauto, Gezex arrived and placed the Symbol of Makaatu on the Henkka Suva. This turned all the Holy Matoran into Gazotan, that served him. The Gazotan fought the Holy Toa when they returned until the symbol was taken off the suva and destroyed.

After this, Henkka used a Kromi to wipe out all the Holy Matoran's memories of their past and took and separated the Matoran in different lands, to spread the Holy family of Mata Nui.

Therefore, the Holy Matoran are now spread across the planet and they don't know they're Holy Matoran.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Holy Matoran have some hidden powers, which will cause expections if they transform or something like that. For excample, Henkka became more powerful when he became a False Turaga.

Known Holy Matoran[]

  • Henkka (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Leraj (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Lah (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Newhu (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Nowah (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Taum (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
  • Jinu (Formerly, transformed into a Toa)
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