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One of the tasks was to destroy the Mask of Reality, which is done.

Henkka's Tasks were several tasks given to Henkka by Mata Nui when he sent Henkka to protect the universe. These tasks were to be made before Henkka could go back to the great spirit Mata Nui. The tasks have all been completed by Henkka, except for the last one which is unknown even for him.

Below are the tasks, excluding the last one.

  • Mask of Reality has to be destroyed, to make the world safer (Done)
  • The Matoran living on Henkka Island must be split up and placed into different lands, to spread the holy family of Matoran brought by Mata Nui (Done)
  • The Monster Army must be defeated for once and for all (Done)
  • Retreive the Symbol of Mata Nui to the Temple of Henkka (Done)
  • The Holy Toa have to be split up and sent to different lands (Done)
  • The island of Mabauto must be freed from slavery (Done)
  • Retrieve an unknown object for the Guardian of the Kowa Mountains (Done)

Recently Henkka vanished with Alex in a stream of blue light. Henkka has been sent for his final task.


  • The last quest is unknown to Henkka.
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