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Henkka's Band
Headquarters/Base Bio-Land
Leader(s) Henkka
Status Out of operation
Current Goals None

Henkka's Band was a band founded by Henkka after he came to Bio-Land. It was all part of fulfilling his dream. The band wasn't very famous at first. And it wasn't that in the end too. The band got pursuied by Two Large Beasts, no one knows why. One time, when they were pursued by the creatures, they ran into Tapio and his friends, who had just came to Bio-Land after escaping Tapio's Original Homeland. After defeating the monsters with a baseball bat, Henkka went to live with Aino and Tapio. Everyone in the band got separated and went their own ways.

The band included 4 members:

  • Henkka
  • Nahi
  • A big, green Matoran
  • A normal, yellow and black Matoran


  • All the members in the band had Huna masks, since it was the band's logo.
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