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Helax Regular Pose
Toa Neuroxa, Order of Mata Nui, The Veru Unit
Second in command of the Toa Neuroxa
Dusk, Moonlight
Control over moonlight, enhanced stealth, able to become invisible in Moonlight and during sunsets, focusing moonlight or dusk energy

Helax is a Toa of Dusk and Moonlight currently living in the outer edge of the Ko-Metrox capital.


Early Life[]

Helax was born in Ko-Metrox as a Matoran of Moonlight. Where he worked as a guard in the knowledge towers and a blacksmith, making new weapons for the M.C.D.A. and selling them to weapon shops.

He continued his business, slowly expanding into a small shop near the Ko-Metrox/Kinii Metrox border, selling mainly mining and carving tools to locals while still selling weapons to the large government agencies and the Metru Soldiers.

Becoming a Toa[]

One day, while he was working in his shop, a Toa arrived at the front door and wandered around, browsing the inventory until all of the other customers left. Wondering why the Toa stayed so long in his store, Hela went up to him. The Toa quickly handed him a mysterious stone and left.

Curious about why he was handed this stone, he headed to the Great Temple in Ga-Metrox to find some answers, he wandered around until he found a small room, on the opposite wall was a slot, the same size and shape of the stone he held, he walke over and placed the stone in the slot. A bolt of energy suddenly went from the stone into his chest, he felt some immense pain for a minute, as his body was growing much faster than any Matoran's should. He came out of that room a Toa, with no feeling of the physical pain he felt only a few seconds ago.

to be continued

Personaltiy and Traits[]

The most optimistic of the Toa Neuroxa, Helax is a surprisingly violent warrior, and looks down negatively on those who disrespect the Toa Neuroxa and any who threaten the safety of his home. He seems somewhat protective of his brother, Torah, and tries to keep him from fighting as much as possible.

to be continued

Powers and Abilities[]

Hela has control over the powers of Moonlight and Dusk, this means he can control both forms of light and has enhanced power when it is nighttime, dusk, or dawn.

He is much quicker and quieter than the other Toa Neuroxa, mostly at night. When he is in his home district of Ko-Metrox, he will often use his powers to become invisible in moonlight and take down his enemies silently.

Helax's dusk power, although it doesn't help his stealth powers, allows him to defeat enemies much faster, he will often focus beams of dusk onto his enemies. The hea in that beam builds very quickly andhe holds it on an enemy until they die or retreat.


  • Helax is the only character in Crp11's story whose idea came from a dream the person had.