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Unknown Species
Order of Mata Nui
Order of Mata Nui member
Fire and Shadow
Insect control, great strength, fire, shadow, invulnerability and shrinking
Kanohi Rode, The great Mask of Truth
Four swords that repair themselves when they are broken, and always return to him
Northern Continent

Hekaru is an Order of Mata Nui member from an unknown species.


Hekaru was born/created on an unknown island. He lived a peaceful life, protecting matoran from rahi. Then his island was attacked by a small army of rahkshi. He tried to defend the matoran, but a rahkshi of stasis fields trapped him in stasis for a year. By the time he was freed, the whole island was destroyed and all its inhabitants were dead. On that day he vowed to destroy all evil. He then built a boat and traveled to a different island, where he met an Order of Mata Nui agent. The agent gave him his kanohi Rode and his staff that could repair inorganic objects. The agent then brought him to Daxia were he was accepted into the order. Hekaru's first mission after joining The Order of Mata Nui was to track down and destroy some of the shadow Takanuva's from alternate dimensions that escaped from stasis pods that Makuta Tridax had put them in. When he got to the island were they were hiding, the Shadow Takanuvas ambushed him. He almost defeated them, but the shadow Takanuva's absorbed all of his shadow power, which left him in a weakened state. Hekaru ran away, knowing that he could not defeat the shadow Takanuva's on his own.

Weak form[]

Hekaru's new form was much smaller, and all his powers were only one tenth of what they used to be capable of. To defeat the shadow takanuvas, he convinced the matoran living on the island to help him set up an ambush. He and the matoran were able to overpower the takanuva's because of their overwelming numbers. Once they had imprisoned them, Hekaru was able to absorb the powers of the Shadow Takanuvas, and gained all of his powers back, plus a few new ones. 

New form[]

Hekaru was then sent to the northern continent, where a group of mutated skakdi were terrorizing matoran.

Abilities and Traits[]

Hekaru's powers are super strength, fire elemental powers, shadow elemental powers, and invulnerability. His mask is a great Kanohi Rode, The Mask of Truth. It lets him see through any disguise and know if someone is telling a lie. It can also detect someone using an Kanohi Iden, the mask of invisibilty. Hekaru's four swords have the ability to absorb and redirect shadow energy, making them very useful for dealing with Makuta's or shadow toa


  • Hekaru is the first Moc that Vican8 posted on this wiki
  • Even though he vowed to destroy all evil, he controls the element of shadow and will do whatever he can to win.
  • After joining the Order, he was trained to be able to resist mental attacks
  • Axonn, another order agent, also wears a Kanohi Rode