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Heat Swords
User(s) Tapio (Formerly)
Functionality(ies) Sprout fire, melee combat, cut through hard substances
Status Transformed

Tapio wielding the heated Heat Swords.

Heat Swords came into being when Toa Tapio sacrificed his powers to destroy Tonga. When Tonga exploded, his energy ran across and went through Tapio and Henkka. Tapio transformed into a Mega Matoran and got new tools, the Heat Swords.

Tapio didn't have much time to use the swords, however. When the Lerahk army attacked his home and destroyed it, Tapio tried to fend them off by fifirng Lava balls from the swords. But when he escpaped with his friends, he fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis and he transformed. The Heat Swords transformed too, into the Staff of Laser.


  • The Heat Swords excisted in this form for only a couple of days.

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