Prefix Oud
Associated color(s) Various

Heat is a rather rare and somewhat powerful element, granting its users powers over all forms of heat, such as fire, plasma, light, and lightning. It was a prototype element designed prior to fire and other heat-based elements. 


  • Creating, manipulating, and absorbing fire, lightning, light, and plasma. 
  • Extreme resistance to heat. 
  • Detecting heat sources
  • Creating Light Illusions
  • Superheating objects
  • Creating a Nova Blast (Toa-exclusive)
  • Setting timed heat-based attacks (Toa Nuva exclusive)
  • Species Wielders 


  • Fotians are one of the 4 races of Elvora and are able to access the element of heat freely, however it does take time to master all the powers that Heat comes with. 


  • Oud-Matoran represent the element of Heat and contain a small amount of elemental heat energy, providing them extreme resistance to most forms of heat. 
  • Toa of Heat are able to access their power to a greater extent, being able to control, create, and absorb heat. This includes channeling the power of lightning, creating light-based illusions, superheating objects, etc. 
  • Turaga of Heat have access to their element, but on a much smaller degree than Toa.


  • Skakdi would be able to control the power of Heat, but only in conjunction to another Skakdi or with certain devices.

Known Users


  • This element is a prototype element and as such it is a power that few possessed. 
  • In the Orvollious Alternate Universe, the only things to possess this power were mechanical matoran, created before flesh became intergrated into the matoran design. Most of these prototypes are inactive and without sentience.
    • Additionally, the element of heat was designed to help the matoran resist the effects of Spherus Magna, after it was scorched by Orvollious.