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Heart of Darkness
Mata Nui

The Beginning[]

Jetrax walked across the beach of Mata Nui, listening to the sound of the waves clashing against each other and stopping near the white sand. Jetrax was a old Toa, and he knew it was nearly his time. Looking up at the bright sun he smiled, but turned into a serious look.

"I see you have arrived," a tall black figure said as he emerged from the sea and began walking towards him.

"Faith," added Jetrax. The figure stopped a couple of feet away from him and, still standing in the water, the figure stayed silent, and stared at Jetrax, with water dripping from his body.

Both of them stared at each other, showing no sign of emotion or movement nor sound. Suddenly, a young female Toa ran towards Jetrax and stopped beside him. "Jetrax, what are you doing here?" she asked.

Jetrax replied. "I'm talking to you, brother Faith."

In shock, the female Toa looked at black figure in front of her. "Is....that...Faith?" she struggled to say.

"Yes, that is him," said Jetrax. Tears started to pour from the her eyes.

Kiron took a step forward towards them. "Hold it right there, Faith," said someone. Faith quickly turned around and pointed his gun at the stranger beside the Makuta. It was a Scarax pointing a gun at Faith. Faith's eyes glowed red and a tear dripped down his mask as he looked at the Scarax. He fired at the Scarax, and the impact of multiple bullets piercing the Scarax's armor caused it to fall on its back and not move.

Faith relaxed both of his arms and fell to his knees with them going inward. Tears poureddown his face and, making a sobbing sound, his sister ran to him and hugged him. "Why are you crying?" she said softly to him.

"It's that Scarax that's making him cry," answered Jetrax.

"That Scarax's race went to war against Faith's race. And that Scarax is the son of the Scarax that killed his father. They are both the last of their kind."