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A Healing Factor is an ability where any character who has it can regenerate wounds at an unusually fast speed.


Most beings who possess a healing factor usually aquire it genetically, either due to natural cause or through genetic experimentation, such as the Aurunium Armor project performed on Crucedus. The duration of the healing factor depends on the being, a Toa who has this ability will usually regenerate 20 to 25 pecent slower than a Makuta who has healing factor. While a Skakdi with this trait will usually regenerate 50 percent faster than a Makuta with the same power.

In some cases a being who controls a certain element will regenerate their wounds if they are surrounded by that same element, this is a type of Healing factor known as Elemental regeneration. this power is the only type of healing factor that is not related to genetic makeup.

Known Users[]

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Most Skakdi

Any being who controls Life