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Hazmat, Mask of Hazardous Protection
Renders null environmental hazards on it's wielder.

The Kanohi Hazmat, or mask of Hazard Protection, is a mask that can limit the effects of hazardous environments on it's user.


The Kanohi Hazmat can eliminate environmental hazards such as poisonous gas, acid, and corrosive liquid. The mask can also make a created substance (Lehrak poison, for example) useless against the user. It also allows the user to enter extremely hot and cold areas.



  • The mask eliminates worry in dangerous areas.
  • The mask allows its user to enter usually impenatrable areas due to environmental hazards.
  • It can defend a user against most environment-based attacks.


  • The mask is always active when worn (unless the wearer is unconcious).
  • The user cannot create poison elementally when the mask is on.
  • If the user loses conciousness while in a hazardous zone, the mask will shut off and the wielder will die.


  • The mask appears similar to the Kanohi Kakama, mask of Speed.
  • The Mersion race wears a differently shaped form of the Hazmat.

    The Mersion form of the Hazmat.

  • The name "Hazmat" comes from the military term HazMat, which stands for Hazardous Matters.
  • The mask was inspired by the Hazard Suit from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.