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Spherus Magna

Hantrek is a mentally disturbed entity, formerly a Great Being, notorious for creating the Alpha Beings.


Hantrek, one of the Great Beings, governed over Spherus Magna alongside her peers. However, desiring more time for her creative pursuits, the Great Beings created the Element Lords, who eventually seized control of the planet.

In due course, a war erupted following the discovery of Energized Protodermis, which began causing widespread damage across the world. To counteract this, the Great Beings embarked on constructing colossal biomechanical universes.

As time passed, the planet's condition continued to deteriorate, prompting Hantrek to propose a solution — seeking the aid of the legendary Kanohi Gebuk, Mask of Wishes. Alongside Angonce, she endeavored to persuade the mask to fulfill their desire, but the mask adamantly refused, leading them to abandon the idea.

During this period, the construction of the Matoran Universe was nearing completion. As her final experiment, Hantrek gathered the corpses of fallen warriors from the battlefields of Spherus Magna, intending to create loyal soldiers known as the Alpha Beings. By modifying the corpses and exposing them to Energized Protodermis, she brought them back to life. However, the experiment was secretly sabotaged, resulting in an accident where Hantrek's essence was absorbed by her own creations, leaving her only as a shadow of her former self.

Driven by desperation to regain her form and power, Hantrek resorted to devouring one of the Alpha Beings. Repulsed by her actions, Angonce intervened, trapping Hantrek's essence within the Kanohi Trankerkokiskorniahk, the Mask of Chaos.


The Kanohi Trankerkokiskorniahk remained in the possession of the Alpha Beings in Takiw Nui for an extended period before being transferred, along with other treasures, to the Spherus Magna Refuge.

During the Chorak Invasion, Makuta Nutrex manipulated the power of the Mask of Wishes within the Kanohi Trankerkokiskorniahk to revive Hantrek. Upon regaining her consciousness, Hantrek recognized Vavakx, one of the Alpha Beings, engaged in combat with her. As reinforcements arrived, Hantrek opted to retreat.

Eventually, Hantrek formed an alliance with the Chorak King Cerverus and established a base in the Headquarters of the Spherus Magna Council in Metru Magna. Guided by Hantrek, the Chorak succeeded in capturing and imprisoning Vavakx.

The refugees, determined to free Vavakx, launched an assault on the Headquarters. Hantrek activated the building's self-destruct system, intending to eliminate them all in the ensuing explosion. However, Vavakx managed to escape his cell and confronted her. At that crucial moment, Hantrek revealed the origins of the Alpha Beings and her own role as their creator, hoping to demoralize Vavakx. Undeterred, Vavakx rose to the challenge and engaged in battle against her. Seizing the opportunity, Hantrek unleashed the power of the Trankerkokiskorniahk, but Deriahk intervened just in time, incapacitating her.

Although Hantrek survived the subsequent explosion of the Headquarters, she slew Kapokhed, who was on the verge of utilizing the power of the Mask of Wishes to secure a millennium of peace. However, Kryehk selflessly sacrificed her Toa power to revive Kapokhed, reactivating the Mask of Desires and fulfilling the wish, effectively entrapping Hantrek once more within the Mask of Chaos.

Vavakx finally teleported the mask containing Hantrek to an alternate dimension where she could no longer cause harm.

Abilities and Traits[]

Hantrek, like her fellow Great Beings, possessed an insatiable drive to create. However, her approach to creation was marked by cruelty and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Unhappy with anything she deemed imperfect, she would destroy and rebuild until she achieved her desired level of excellence. Hantrek held a deep fascination with the potential of Energized Protodermis, seeing it as a crucial element in attaining the perfection she yearned for. This fascination ultimately led her to create the Alpha Beings.

Hantrek's ego was big, and she considered the Great Beings to be the pinnacle of lifeforms. Her philosophical outlook centered around destruction as a means to facilitate the emergence of superior creations. This perspective made her exceedingly destructive, viewing destruction as a necessary step towards improvement. Hantrek took great pride in her power and harbored fear only of losing that power.

Mask and Tools[]

Hantrek is condemned to use the Kanohi Trankerkokiskorniahk, Mask of Chaos, with which she can release misfortunes.


  • The myth of Ohm was created by the Great Beings to conceal the origins of the Alpha Beings and Hantrek as their creator. This myth was universally accepted by the Alpha Beings and Hantrek also decided to keep it to protect her identity until she finally revealed the truth to Vavakx.