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Hangi Canyon
Primary Residents First Matoran
Location Manuin
Status Deserted

Hangi Canyon was a canyon on Manuin where the First Matoran lived for a few years before going back to Dromii.


When Makaatu made his final assault on the Matoran of the Canyon of the Great Spirit, he captured them in Matoran Pods and took them away. The First Toa followed him and while Ilona battled Makaatu, the others rescued the pods from Makaatu's Rahi. Ilona managed to defeat Makaatu, but the way back to their old home canyon was blocked.

The First Toa found a new canyon and sacrificed their Toa Power to awaken the Matoran and to create plantlife in the canyon. They named the canyon Hangi Canyon, after Hangi who was tragically killed by Makaatu.

The Matoran didn't remember anything about their past but started to live well in their new home under the watchful eye of the new Turaga. Many new places were built and the Matoran did their jobs in peace for years. Then, one day, when Mata Nui awoke from the coma caused of Manuin's creation, the Great Flood came. The Matoran hid and came back when the flood was over. They were given the eleven assignments and they started fulfilling them.

After the assignments were completed, the Matoran got to journey back to Dromii after years of living on Manuin. Therefore the Hangi Canyon remains deserted.

Important Locations[]

Below are some important location in the canyon

  • Temple of Memory - A temple built to remember Hangi
  • Tunara Shopping Center - A shopping center built in honor of Tunara, who was killed for a while but later revived.
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