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Powers Trace Henkka Island
Location(s) Henkka Island
Status Unknown

Hakka is a mysterious, little Rahi that has the ability to track down Henkka Island wherever it is. Only one has been seen and it's unknown if more exist. There is one in the Fragmented Universe.

Toatapio Nuva History[]

It's unknown who created the Hakka, but it's presumed that the one who did, knew about Henkka Island.

The Hakka was stored in the Archives of Onu-Metru for years until Turaga Vakama received a vision one day, which told him to send the Toa Mahri in an airship with Hakka. Whenua got the Hakka from the archives and put it in an airship with the Toa Mahri. The Airship then automatically flew to Henkka Island. Once there, the Hakka ran into the forest. It hasn't been seen since.

Invader39 History[]

In the Fragmented Universe, the Hakka was a wild Rahi singularity living in the Southern Island Chains. It usually lives alone and stays away from Matoran and other Rahi. The Hakka has been occasionally spotted in the woods by explorers, but only briefly. It is unknown where it came from or why it even exists. To be added

Abilities and Traits[]

The Hakka is quite small and resembles somekind of a dog. On Metru Nui, it was very calm at nature and never tried to escape, but once it arrived on Henkka Island, it ran away fast.

All Hakka's abilities are not known, but it can track down Henkka Island and when it was put into an airship, the airship flew to the island with no pilot. This might also be an ability of Hakka's.