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Alpha Being
Demon Lord, leader of Vorox

Hades is the former Alpha Being of sand, now the emperor of Matra Nui, the Bionicle Underworld.



Hades fighting Kylord.

Hades entire species was created in secret by the Great Beings to fight in case of war. However, the Great Being who created them made a mistake, and all his power was transferred to his creations. Hades acquired sand and demon-based powers, and his creator died.

Hades was a warrior among the Alpha Beings. When Mersny revealed his plan to exterminate the Matoran, he was the only one to side with him. Vavakx was furious and claimed leadership of the Order. After seeing that all had sided with Vavakx, he abandoned his leader.

The rest of his story is currently unknown but eventually became the leader of an army of Vorox.

Alliance with Hantrek[]

Hades had an aliance with Hantrek some time before Vavakx and his team journeyed underneath Rocius-Nui.

When the team arrived upon a room filled with machinery, Hantrek divulged her presence to them and explained the nature of Rocius-Nui and that the machinery was within his mind. She then tried to devour Zardak and Hades, but was stopped.

Hades allied with Vavakx's team and tried to obliterate Hantrek, but she regenerated her parts. Vavakx was ambushed by her, and he realized that she couldn't be defeated.

Hades sacrificed his Elemental powers of Sand to Veuy. Then, Veuy reached the former location of the Rocius-Nui's spirit and took over its body. Veuy finally claimed dominance over the entire Rocius-Nui Universe. He quickly exercised his newfound powers by assisting his brothers in defeating Hantrek.

At some point in his life, Hades entered Matra Nui, the Bionicle Underworld, where he became the Emperor by unknown means. During this time, he met another demon by the name of Persephone, who eventually became his wife. Later on, the two had a son who goes by the name of Takuru.

Abilities and Traits[]

Hades was able transmute his body to sand, vanish, and then reappear and strike with rock-hard density. This sand-based abilities were sacrified on Veuy but he keeps the rest of his powers. The list of powers he claims to have is extense.

Despite Hades being capable of easily killing a Toa and having formally aligned himself with the Makutas, Hades is more of a neutral person. His only role is to keep the balance of power within the Underworld, thus proving that he does not intentionally align himself with good or evil. He does a family consisting of Persephone, his wife, and revealing that Takuru is his son.


  • He was created by the Youtube member toamagmare28 (A.K.A. JetFire28).
  • In BIONICLE Tales, he will primary use the element of Sand against Vavakx and his allies, and save his powers. He will also shape-shift into his Sand armor.


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