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Hacro is a mysterious toa of fire who travels all over the island Xia.

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Little is known about Hacro's Matoran life, other than the fact that he was a Ta-matoran who never liked the company of other matoran and loved to travel.He's never seen in company of anything other than small rahi. Durning one of his journeys, Hacro ran into a group of Visorak heading towards the village. While trying to stop them he stumbled over a Toa stone. Not knowing the power of the stone, Hacro tried to hit the visorak with it, causing him to be knocked into energized protodermis with it, transforming him into his present Toa state.


As a toa, Hacro continued traveled around the island, learning how to control his new powers. He made most of his weapons out of bones from the rahi he defeated on his journeys. Hacro knows he's supposed to be protecting the villages now that he's a toa, but he leaves the hard work to the others.

After years of intensive training, Hacro finally mastered his powers and has returned to protect his home, but when he arrived, he noticed the matoran stare at him, unable to belive it was him. Hacro, confused by the looks on the matoran's faces, decided he'd better stay out of sight unless he's needed.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Matoran, Hacro always preffered to be alone, meaning he didn't have much friends other than the rahi he encounters in the jungles. Hacro also apears to have inredible acrobatic skills. Unlike most Ta-matoran, Hacro loves to be around water and jungles.

Mask and Weapons[]

Hacro usualy carried a small flame sword similar to Tahu Mata's sword and wore the noble Kanohi Hau. As a toa, Hacro carries a golden kanohi hau and a large golden sword than can slice through every single object.


  • Hacro's design is based on the Bionicle Stars golden armor.
  • Hacro's Matoran design wears a red Hau instead of a golden one and is based on the Mahri Nui matoran design
  • Hacro never used his Hau much, since he avoids battles.