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There are many comics telling about stories related to HT Adventures. Below a list of the known ones.

The Past of Two Heroes: The Comics[]


The poster for the comics


A commercial of the comic series

A comic series was started on Bzpower, telling about Tapio's and Henkka's prehistory. It was discontinued very soon, however. Below are the excisting comics and stuff about them.

Tapio's Past[]

Henkka's Past[]

  • There was a comic 1 for Henkka's past but it has been lost during time
  • Comic 2

Toatapio Nuva's Comics[]

Toatapio Nuva's Comics were a comic series started on Bzpower. They explained the Time in Comic Land of Tapio and his friends. The comics were quite successful and got many fans. The series was paused for the movie and was continued for a really short time after that, but was then cancelled.

See the article to read the comics.

Movie Comics[]

The Quest for the Four Great Lands movie was finished, but the last episodes were done as comics. See the article to read them.

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