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Gyronax are a sapient species residing on Kyra Nui.



The Gyronax were created by Mata Nui not long after his departure from Spherus Magna, when he began creating a number of extra species. They were then placed on Kyra Nui.

Matoran Universe[]

The Gyronax once ruled over Kyra Nui. The island was taken by the Toa, who were expanding their empire and creating colonies in foreign lands. The Gyronax had then become dispersed, appearing in pockets with small cities on the island.

Abilities and Traits[]


Gyronax are generally humanoid in appearance, but have some differences. They often vary in sizes, some being twice the size of a Toa or Glatorian, some being about the size of a Matoran or Agori. Some can be digitigrades. Their most prominent feature is the horns sprouting from their heads. These can be almost any size or shape imaginable, and come in many different colors.


Similarly to Toa and Skakdi, Gyronax are able to access elemental energy to wield elemental abilities, though they require more training to be able to do so. The elements they have access to are as varied as for other beings.

Social Structure and Interactions[]

The Gyronax are divided into many tribes, each based on an element. Each tribe has different customs and traditions, such as the Ice Tribe's Krahloka hunt. Their cities welcome fellow Gyronax, but will either ward away or kill Toa on sight. Glatorian are looked upon with suspicion, but Matoran and Agori are free to roam. The Gyronax have a system of leadership in which the fiercest warrior is the leader of all Gyronax. The individual tribes may have their own systems for leadership.

Known Individuals[]

  • Hrogar
  • Vraalok
  • Veskis


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