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Guardian of the Sand Seas is a story about new Glatorian entering the sand seas that are controlled by the Baterra.

Chapter 1[]

The wind slapped the face of the former Toa of Water named Nikilia. He had been sent on a mission to Bara Magna to save the Agori trapped in the Sand Sea.

"From lovely fresh water to a moving lump of Sand" Said Nikilia.

"Love the sarcasm," Said a Agori, "Now are you going to help us or just stay there like a Constipated Rock Steed.

"Um, thanks, who are you?" Nikilia Asked.

"Kaxix, a Agori of the Ice Tribe." Said the Agori. "Will you help me find Herix and Gehere."

"I will try." Nikilia Said. "Any locals I should know about."

"What, you mean the Vorox or Skrall." Said Kaxix.

"Probably, so was it just you three in the Sand Sea." Nikilia Asked.

"No, we were being hunted by some guardians." Replied Kaxix.

"Guardians?" Nikilia Questioned.

"Yea them!!!!" Yelled Kaxix as the Guardians moved around and surrounded Nikilia and Kaxix.

List of Characters[]

Nikilia - A former Toa who was sent to Bara Magna by the Order of Vela Nui.