"Guardian of Kowa" is not an official name
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
"I can sense the mood of these mountains. And whatever it tells to me, I do"
―Guardian of the Kowa
Guardian of Kowa
SpeciesGreat Spirit
ColorsBlue and some other colours
ElementKowa Mountain
OccupationProtector of the Kowa Mountains
ToolsKowa Staff
LocationBio-Land, Kowa Mountains
StatusGuarding the Kowa Mountains

Guardian of Kowa is a Great Spirit in the form of a Matoran, living all by himself in a cave in Kowa Mountains. He can sense the Kowa Mountains condition with his mask and his staff gives him the power to manipulate the rock on the mountains itself, although he rarely uses that power, only in dire need. The Guardian is a peaceful fellow and protects the Kowa Mountains from both, good and evil.


In the beginning of time, Guardian of the Kowa Mountains's spirit was created and given the task to protect a certain area of Mabauto. This was actually him volunteering to help Kowa in his mission. When Bio-Land was separated from Mabauto, Guardian of the Kowa Mountains went with Bio-Land, since the spot he was guarding was there. The separation formed great mountains on the area the Guardian was guarding and so he became the Guardian of the Kowa Mountains.

One of the Henkka's Tasks was to bring the Guardian the Kowa stone. Henkka did this and the Guardian of the Kowa Mountains told him about his final task and that it would soon begin.

The Rising didn't affect the Kowa Mountains since the Guardian of the Kowa Mountains protected them during the rising. Soon after he sent a vision to Aino, telling her to assemble the inhabitants of the BIONICLE Planet and bring them to the Kowa Mountains. He is currently protecting the mountains from Teridax while Kowa is asleep and will awaken Kowa for his mission when the time is right...

Abilities and Traits

The Guardian of the Kowa Mountains has a cold personality. He doesn't care about anything happening in the outside world, just the mountains. He can also be very cruel, but he usually isn't, if nobody is threatening the mountains.

Mask and Tools

Guardian of the Kowa Mountains has the Kowa, as his mask. He also carries the Kowa Staff, which he can use to control the Kowa Mountains


  • Being a Great Spirit, the Guardian of the Kowa Mountains has enough power to prevent Teridax from destroying the Kowa Mountains, but not all of Bio-Land.
  • When the Guardian of Kowa talks about being abl to communicate to the mountains, he's actually meaning he can communicate with Kowa.


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