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Guagna the Incendia Rahi is the Alpha-Male of the Incendia Rahi. He is Grey and Red and now lives on Voya Nui.



While the Toa Inika were on Voya Nui, Jaller took Guagna as his pet. With Jaller, Guagna helped take down the mutant Hammerhead Rahi of the element of Gravity. When the Hammerhead was slayed, the Toa Inika set off for Mount Valmai.

He was told to stay outside the Volcano while the Toa went inside to rescue the Kanohi Ignika. When they came out, the Ignika flew into the sea, and Guagna flew after them. When they plunged the sea, Guagna hesitated, for he can not travel under water. He was sad to leave but he had to and returned to his fact, his father was not at the tribe but had been banished to yula.

The Broken Order Universe[]

In the Broken Order Universe, Guanga was taken from his home and experimented on by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Guanga eventually gained sentience and was eventually placed in the Rahi division of the Makuta army under fellow sentient Rahi, Lieutenant Nicturn and with Grukko, Birdie, and others.

After the conclusion of the war, Nicturn disappeared and Guanga and his battalion dispersed. Guanga made his way back to the Southern Continent where he resumed life in the Mount Valmai Region. However, he was eventually found by Nicturn who had become a Barraki-general in Sheriem's Secret Empire. Nicturn had grown convinced by the former Kritor High Commander, Karion that the Secret Empire was close to collapsing and Nicturn, determined to maintain his power, was preparing a kingdom of Rahi should the Secret Empire fail. Guanga was to be one of the major figures in this kingdom with the likes of Grukko. Guanga accepted. In the meantime, he joined Nicturn's Division of Rahi in the Secret Empire as a lieutenant.


  • Guagna was Jaller's Pet until he went into the Pit.
  • He helped take down the mutant Hammerhead Rahi of the elemtn gravity.
  • Guagna is a very smart rahi, along with the rest of the Incendia Rahi species.
  • He now is searching for his long lost father who was exiled from the tribe and sent to Xia.