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Jungle Tribe

Gryk (formally stylized as His Excellency, Senator Gryk of Tesara of Spherus Magna) was one of Tesara's oldest Agori, and a member of the Spherus Magna Council.


In Spherus Magna, Gryk was a prominent merchant of Rock Steeds. However, the Shattering left his business in ruins, forcing him to seek refuge in the village of Tesara. There, he demonstrated his resourcefulness by aiding in the reconstruction efforts and discovering the explosive potential of Thornax fruits, which proved invaluable for survival.

Gryk's support for Certavus' combat system proposal to resolve tribal conflicts earned him widespread respect. As a result of his service and leadership, he was elected as the leader of Tesara, later assuming a vital role in the Council of Elders, under the leadership of Raanu.

With Feggus' departure from the Glatorian profession, Gryk embarked on a journey to find a new secondary Glatorian for his tribe and found a worthy candidate in Gresh.

The Invasion[]

When the migration of Matoran Universe inhabitants to the reformed Spherus Magna transpired, Gryk was chosen as the representative of Tesara in the Spherus Magna Council.

During the harrowing Invasion of the Chorak, Gryk valiantly confronted the perilous threat alongside his fellow refugees in the Spherus Magna Refuge. Despite his eventual encounter with mortal danger, he urged others to seek safety while he held the line. Tragically, the refuge's security system caused a devastating explosion, resulting in Gryk's death.

In the aftermath of the war, Gryk's unwavering dedication and sacrifice were immortalized in a statue erected at the heart of Metru Magna, forever commemorating his memory and contributions to the welfare of his people.