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Set Gukko
Grukko 2
Kanoka launcher, grabber shield, energy sword, back spikes

Grukko (a shortening of Grabber Gukko) is a mutated Gukko bird who serves in the Gladiator League.


Grukko was originally an unnamed Rahi created by the Brotherhood of Makuta. It was later tamed by one of Volca Nui's Toa, who was later killed in an attempt to defeat the mad energized Protodermis creature living inside the island's volcano. It was at this time that the Gukko made contact with some of the energized Protodermis, transforming it into a sentient creature.

The creature, naming itself "Grukko", lived on the island until it was decimated by numerous Rahkshi, at which point Grukko improvised an escape to the mainland of Spherus Magna. He began looking for a place for himself in society, and through a chance encounter with another sentient Rahi, Claw, he became aware of the Gladiator League. Seeing it as a good opportunity to gain fame and fortune, he joined the organization, becoming good friends with Volcanous and Matoro.

The Broken Order Universe[]

In the Broken Order Universe, Grukko was mutated by the Brotherhood of Makuta as part of a series of experiments to raise an army of sentient Rahi to perform secret raids on Bythrain in the Kritor/Makuta Conflict. While the experiment on Grukko proved successful, the majority of the other experiments were unsuccessful and Miserix deemed the project too wasteful of the Rahi to go through with and the project was canceled.

Grukko was then forced to serve in the Makuta army in the Kritor/Makuta War, although he was seriously injured on a battlefield and left behind, thought to be dead. Grukko survived, however, and spend the rest of the war as well as the subsequent peacetime, wandering the Matoran Universe. Grukko eventually found his way to Keetongu Island where he joined Sheriem's Secret Empire. He was then made a lieutenant under Sheriem's Barraki-general and another former ex-Makuta Rahi, Nicturn, who was in charge of the sentient Rahi division of Sheriem's army.

Powers and equipment[]

Though he has no powers, Grukko was able to salvage several weapons during his time on Volca Nui and Spherus Magna. In addition to a grabber shield and an energy sword, he possesses a pair of back spikes and a Kanoka launcher in place of his jaw.

In the Broken Order Universe, these things were given (or forced upon) him by the Brotherhood of Makuta.


  • He is attracted to yellow objects.