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Gruissiono Guards
Headquarters/Base Gruissiono
Leader(s) General of the Gruissiono Guard
Status Guarding in the Kowa Mountains
Current Goals Keep Matoran safe

The Gruissiono Guard is an organiztion, the police of Gruissiono. They have protected it ever since it was created. The leader of Gruissiono commands them but the General of the Gruissiono Guard also has power.

The whole organization was captured into the Prison Cave before Gruissiono got destroyed. They rested in the cave for years until Tapio and his friends found them. The guard then helped him and his friends, in gratitude, to battle the Grandeg's Robots. They witnessed the saving of the Four Great Lands and started rebuilding Gruissiono city after that, with the other Matoran.

The Rising killed many guards. The remaining guards evacuated the Matoran into the Prison Cave and tried to keep them safe. They were then informed of the Great Migration and left to the Kowa Mountains. They are currently guarding the Matoran there, although there's no current threat.

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