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Gruissiono Control Building
Primary Residents Trasder
Location Gruissiono downtown
Status Destroyed

The part of the building where Trasder lived.

Gruissiono Control Building was building located in the Gruissiono downtown. It was home to Trasder and hosted the controls of the entire city of Gruissiono along with the power, electricity, water...

Trasder used to live in the building and take care of the controls of Gruissiono. When Bruhodag attacked and fought Trasder, the battle eventually moved to the control center of the building where Bruhodag destroyed Trasder and the controls, blowing up the whole city of Gruissiono. Bruhodag survived.

Very soon after the explosion, a strange hill rose on the place of the building. In there, the Temple of Gruissiono mysteriously appeared.


The control center

When the Matoran of Gruissiono were freed from the Prison Cave, they started to rebuild Gruissiono city. They started building another Control Building, very close to the Hill of Gruissiono.

The Rising interrupted the construction of another control building and the incompleted building was swept away by a huge tidal wave. Template:Locations

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