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"Well, don't worry about that Alex, whatever your Minion Dogs fail to do, my Griddlers will do it"
Headquarters/Base Inwirn's First Base
Leader(s) Inwirn
Status Disbanded and destroyed, only 2 possibly alive
Current Goals Destroy Tapio and Henkka


Griddlers were little robots built by Inwirn in Alliance of the Enemies. They had a claw in the other hand and a little laser gun on the other. They were easy to beat on their own but hard to beat when they were in groups.

Inwirn first sent a group of Griddlers to kill Tapio and Henkka in their home. Tapio and Henkka destroyed the Griddlers. After this, on the Kowa Mountains, many groups of Griddlers attacked Tapio and Henkka with Minion Dogs but always failed. The rest of the Griddlers were destroyed in the The Final Battle of Griddlers and Minion Dogs, except for 5.

Inwirn later made new minions, the Fire Matoran. She kept the 5 Griddlers with her, however, and they even battled. 3 of them were destroyed but 2 fled, never to be seen again. It is known that 2 are alive and hiding, searching for their old enemies and their master. However, the affects of The Rising to these specimen are not known and therefore it's possible that they are dead.


  • Griddlers are really small Bionicle sets sold in addition with some Duracell batteries.
  • Recently, parts of a Griddler have been discovered near the Tofug City. The pieces had biting marks in them, which tells that a Rahi of some sort, has destroyed it. This means that only 2 Griddlers are alive at the moment.
  • The 2 living Griddlers still think that their task is to kill Tapio and Henkka, so they are looking for them. If they will spot either one, they will attack, but will be easy to defeat though.

A lone Griddler screaming


A Griddler getting shocked by electricity

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