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Grezer is a sinister and elite Skrall and a Glatorian of the Rock Tribe.

Rock tribe
Skrall Power Axe, Advanced Skrall Rapid-Thronax Launcher


Grezer is an Elite Skrall that once (and somewhat still) serve Tuma.

After his Rock Steed was stolen by a Bone Hunter, an unknown entity offered him powers unlike any other, and showed evidence of the powers that he could possess. Grezer agreed to serve this evil, but in return, he desires to become the new leader of the Rock Tribe once his deeds of serving this evil is finished.

He was in Karda Nui watching over the events that would play out as his "New Master" foreshadowed, return to his lair, and met two of his allies; Shadanuva, and a new ally; Shadow Katrix.

He is currently back on Bara Magna, going undercover as a spy for his master while still serving the Rock Tribe under Tuma's orders.

What will happen to him after the events of "Bionicle: The Legend Reborn" and/or "Quest of Destinies" is currently unknown.

Abilities & Traits[]

While some may see Grezer as a strange yet cocky Skrall, he is not as cocky as some Glatorian may think. He is a very observant competitor, always watching his opponents movements and strategies, while he adapts by counter-attacking whatever his opponents attempt to do to him.

Grezer always desire for more in his life than what he has right now, as he only cares for what's best for himself, and will do whatever he can to make his life better than how it is. After allying himself to this "Unknown Evil", he believes he will soon get everything he desired in his life, and more.


Grezer carries a Skrall Power Axe, an Advanced Skrall Rapid-Thronax Launcher, and wears a teleporting device on his torso.


  • Grezer's master is the same character who is the leader of the "Secret Organization" in "Reign of Terror."
  • Grezer is schedule to appear in Kylernuva135's next series: "Quest of Destinies", and will have a pivotal role in the story. KylerNvua135 is debating whether or not Grezer should also appear in "Reign of Terror."
  • In "Universe at War", Grezer communicates to Tazzuk through his Power Crown. How Grezer does this will be explained in future storyline events. Also, the Grezer who was talking to Tazzuk in that series was NOT an alternate version of himself.