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BIONICLE: Universe 101B0440 War of the Worlds

Find the Kanohi Ignika, help Tahu reconstruct Spherus Magna.
Twin Silver Jungle Blades
Bara Magna

Gresh is a Jungle Glatorian in the BIONICLE: Universe film series. His original occupation was to find the Kanohi Ignika alongside Tahu and several others, and they first found it in the Arena Iconox - yet it was stolen by Marendar. Gresh and his allies headed to Earth, where they continued to pursue Marendar and the mask. Although Gresh was injured by the military, he was saved by Simon Bowler, who was the director of the plan to catch him in the first place. Bowler brought Gresh to Philadelphia, where he reunited with his allies and waited for them to finish the battle to claim the mask (since he couldn't help due to his injuries from the military). Afterwards, Gresh's wounds were treated.

BIONICLE: Universe[]

Gresh makes his debut in BIONICLE: Universe, while fleeing with Tahu and several others to get to the Matoran Universe Robot - though he was supposedly helping them do so since only Toa and Matoran were allowed in the robot. Gresh and the others missed the boarding of the robot - and were forced to climb a tree as massive earthquakes started. Although several Matoran and Agori died, Gresh survived the cataclysm and would help Tahu in the upcoming years in his search for the Ignika. When they found it in the Arena Iconox and the Makuta attempted to take it, Gresh made an effort to battle Branar and Stronius - but their strength was too much for him. After Marendar stole the Ignika, Gresh boarded an Order of Mata Nui ship with his allies, and they headed to Earth. There, they crashed in Philadelphia, and after meeting Nick Carby and Gordon Brixton, they set off to find the Ignika again. However, Gresh was injured and then captured by the military along with Mazeka, as they were making their escape on the John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Simon Bowler - the man in charge of the mission to capture Gresh - was forced by Tahu to free him and Mazeka. As they were freed, Corroder attacked - but Gresh briefly fought him off. The two were then brought to Philadelphia, where a final battle took place. However, due to Gresh's injuries from the military clash, he was unable to fight, and was hidden by Crosto, Blaze and Mazeka. Because of this, Gresh survived the massive battle, and was being treated in their new base.