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Graviton Spear
Gravaton Spear
Status In use
User(s) Barionk
Functionality Channeling his Gravity powers, creating black holes, melee combat

The Graviton Spear is ex-Toa Hagah Barionk's Toa Tool, which can be used to focus his Elemental Power of Gravity. It can also function as a melee weapon. The spear itself has the ability to create small, but powerful back holes, which can draw energy and objects into itself. However, the use of the spear weakens Barionk, so he has to be careful how much he uses it.

Because of the potential havoc such weapons could cause, few Graviton Spears were ever created. To ensure they could never be used for causing destruction, the spears' crafters, the Nynrah Ghosts, made them with special safeguards that prevent the Graviton Spear's black hole power from being activated by anyone other than the tool's destined bearer.

Example Usage[]

  • In Society of Guardians, Barionk used his Graviton Spear to channel his power over Gravity in order to beat information out of a Steltian laborer.