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Grandeg's Airships
Mainly Used By Grandeg's Robots
Functionality(ies) Transportation, Teleport the Matoran from the Four Great Lands
Conservation Status Used by the Matoran from the Four Great Lands

Grandeg's Airships were gigantic airships planned by Grandeg and built by Grandeg's Robots. They were mainly used for transportation between Comic Land and Firehead's Island but later Firehead took all of them to himself and attached Teleporting Guns into them. He also took some Grandeg's Robots, turning them into obeying him and put them into the driving seats of the airships. The robots then flew the airships and teleported all the Matoran from Metru Nui and Bio-Land into Firehead's custody.

One of the airships was hijacked earlier by Dvd and Aino, when some Grandeg's Robots were transporting Matoran Hordika and the Balta's Samurai School (excluding Miira) to Firehead as slaves. The ship wa slater used in the great battle in Comic Land. It crashed in the end, however.

Also, two airships were taken by Kah and Kah. They used them to transport all of Tapio's furniture somewhere else. They still have the airships.

The rest of the airships are currently used by the good Matoran from the Four Great Lands, mostly on Gruissiono. Most of the airships of Gruissiono were damaged beyond repair in The Rising.

Many of these airships have been used in the Great Migration.


  • Even before the attachment of Teleporting Guns, the airships had cannons that shot silver blasts.
  • The airships are so big that even the main window at the top of the ship is five times the size of a Matoran.
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