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 Graf is Toa of Starlight that serves alongside Malok on Spherus Magna.



Graf was Born about one thousand years before the start of the Destiny War. His parents were a Toa of Shadow and a Toa of Fire, yet he did not inherit either element. Pre-birth, a great being infected his mother with blood from another Great Being, and when he was born, he had powers over Starlight. His parents were scared of what he could do with it, so they lied to him about his element. They stayed in the underground of Metru-Nui for his first 1000 years of life.

Destiny War[]

Graf and his parents remained neutral throughout the Destiny War. They wandered the Universe in search of Graf's older sister, Lothia (who had been born about 10 000 years prior) Graf, against the protests of his parents, fights in the battle of Metru Nui, where he is nearly killed by a team of Rahkshi, though is rescued by a Toa he later learns is his sister. When Teridax took over, Graf was immediately captured, though resisted the rehabilitation effects. When Mata Nui was killed by Teridax, Graf re-joined his parents and met Lothia, this time knowing they were related.

Spherus Magna[]

The four then went to Sandray Canyon, where they formed a city-state that they dubbed Tolinco. To Graf's envy, Lothia was put in charge of much of the military force that was put together. The siblings spent a great deal of time getting to know one another during what peace they had.

Malok's Reign[]

When Malok, the old Makuta of Purdusai, resurfaced, he single handedly took over New Atero, and then built an army of Rahkshi and evil Toa of Shadow. He slowly conquered all but the City-States of Purdusai and Iconox. When Malok's forces made it to Tolinco, their small army was destroyed after a long battle. Graf's parent's refused to stand alongside Malok, though Graf, under the belief that Malok was trying to make order, was swayed. Graf killed his parents in the night and took over. He had Lothia's adoptive daughter, Llim, kidnapped and held hostage. Lothia agreed to serve Graf and Malok so long as Llim wasn't harmed.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]


Graf is quite jealous. Part of his fall to Malok's side was part of is envy at not being put in charge of the Army. He can be cruel, having kidnapped Lothia's daughter, his adoptive niece.

Fighting Style[]

Graf generally only uses his own knife, which he is immensely skilled with.


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