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Goya nui
Goya Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran,Turaga,Rahi
Former Residents'
LocationThe Far Side of the Planet
MakutaFormerly Lord Kivon (not officially);some unnamed (Species) Makuta (now dead)
PronunciationGoy-uh New-ee

Goya Nui was a city located on the ocean floor on the far side of the planet.It was created by the Great Beings for a secret purpose that only The Oracle knows.It was the second city built on the planet (the first was Metru Nui),and the first on the planet surface.



The island was originally created by the Great Beings for a purpose that included some big battle that determined the fate of the universe.The city was made up of four large districts,the largest the Goya District.Each district has glass "domes" that keep water out,but let sunlight in.Buildings were made inside of these.Unlike Mahri Nui,where they had to collect air from airweed,The People of Goya Nui had large reservoirs of air below them,located in massive,but uninhabitable caves.

The Dark Times[]

The island was largely unaffected by this event since it was located on the other side of the universe as Gatris Nui.

Great Cataclysm[]

During the Great Cataclysm,like Voya Nui,part of Goya Nui (the Goya district) got uprooted by a massive shockwave.The glass dome shattered,and most inhabitants died.The island floated to the surface of the ocean,connected to its former spot by a long chain of cooled magma called the Bolt.Where the district had once been,a hole was unplugged,opening another city from its millenniums spanning slumber,although the people of Goya Nui didn't notice this.

Recent Times[]

Lord Kivon,a Kikanalo-turned-Makuta,lived in an old temple to the west of the capital of the Goya District,where the Great Beings had overseen the creation of the settlement.He killed another Makuta that had come to the island.This Makuta's Antidermis leaked out and now is infecting the island,enslaving the inhabitants to the will of the dead Makuta,who has now taken over the island.Kivon has since evacuated.