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This article is about the character in Realm of Conquest. You may be looking for the character in the Prime Reality or in the Splinters Alternate Universe.

Gorast is a four armed Makuta of air and a member of the Brotherhood of the Makuta.

Brotherhood of Makuta
member of BoM
Great Felnas
claws, Nynrah Ghostblaster
Makuta Base


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Gorast hatched along with all of the other Makuta, and soon reuninted with them to establish their base. Not long after, they were attacked by the Dark Hunters. Gorast had some trouble when Bordakh used its staves of loyalty on Chirox, and had to fight him, but overcame this difficulty. They later attacked the Toa. Gorast did not fight much in this battle except for to knock Tahu and Lewa off of the shelf.

Chirox creates battle armor for the Makuta, and they have a rematch with the Toa. Gorast was trapped in Gali's water bubble until she broke free using Spinnerak and defeated Gali, taking her mask. When the Toa struck back with their battle vehicles, She was defeated by Pohatu and Spike.

The Dark Hunters attacked yet again, and this time Gorast and Icarax teamed up to fight Sidorak. They defeated him easily.

Part 2[]

Gorast and Vamprah entered in the Tag Team Tournament, where they lost to Illusion and Rumblor in the first round.

When Vezon collected all seven pieces and went on a destructive rampage, the Makuta battled Load until Vezon's loss of power caused Load to stop functioning.

In the final battle, She fought Firenze and was losing until she got close enough to use her mask on his armor, which allowed Hakann to defeat him.

Personality and Traits[]

Gorast was very agressive and warlike, and alswys wanted to fight, as long it was part of the Makuta's plan for household domination.

Powers and Equipment[]

Gorast had full access to the Makuta powers as well as four clawed arms and a Nynrah Ghostblaster. Her mask of disruption made her able to disrupt the opponent's powers. She was also one of the most physically powerful Makuta.

Strength: 15
Agility: 9
Toughness: 14
Mind: 9