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The Golden Armor is a collection fo powerful pieces of armor.

Golden Armor
Golden Armor
to increase the wearer's power
GOLE-din ARR-mer


The Golden Armor is a special kind of armor that can raise the wearer's power. It doubles the wearer's power for each piece equipped(there are 7 pieces, so x128). When all pieces are equipped, it gives the user Kraata powers and the ability to create other beings. Otherwise, it simply increases the user's strength, speed, defensive power, and attack power.


The legend of the Golden Armor states that it was created by the Great Beings for a being to use so they can conquer their opponents and bring peace to the world. However, the teams in the house want to use it so that they can conquer all of the others. The armor is scattered around, anywhere from the roof to the bottom of the lake in the backyard to the basement. The pieces are won from their natural habitats by various teams, but are later stolen by Illusion and given to Vezon. Vezon then uses their power to create Load and go on a destructive rampage, and it takes the combined power of the Toa, Makuta, and Piraka to stop him. The armor is removed from Vezon and destroyed so that no other being can abuse its power.

Known Users[]

  • Vezon (all pieces)
  • unidentified Hau-wearer (one piece)