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"I am but one of the many mysterys of the of the Universe!"-Goldakkx.

Goldakkx is a Toa of Electricity and is from an alternate universe in which all dying Toa and Makuta are transfered to... his father was Toa Lhikan and his mother was a Toa of Lighting and is the half brother of Tyrak. He lived in a "Dementional wasteland" were there are Toa with strange elemental powers, mutiple legedary mask from other universes are common, and a small village of multicolored Matoran.

Early Life[]

Born on a naming day creamony. He trained night and day to be a Toa but only got far enough to be a Toa's apperantice. Being a parttime Matoran forger, He decided to create the "perfect suit" for when he would become a Toa. He used one universe's Vahi and molded it into a gold-plated armor and the used another universe's Avokki and Ignika to to make a Kanohi he called the "Mask of Balance" which resembled a smaller version of the Kanohi Hau, the mask of sheilding. When he completed his training he put on his armor and mask. However, not being able to control the power of life, his universe was almost completely destroyed. Disgraced and unable to remove the armor, he left to a different universe. He is in Tyrak's world on a deserted island and explores to other islands using his wings.

Powers and Tools[]

Goldakkx carries a sword that has powers of it's own and has razor-sharp wings. He also a Kanohi mask of Balance(Made to resemble a smaller version of the Kanohi Hau, mask of sheilding)which grants him the power of Life and Light. He also has elemental Electricity powers. Thanks to his armor and mask, he would enough power(if he wanted to) to send the Great spirit, Mata-Nui, to Oblivion. And as long as he keeps his armor on, he can control time as well.


Goldaxx is bold but he is still in sorrow for what happened in his home world.


  • Goldakkx is actually NOT my character, he is one of my friends.
  • Goldakkx is considered the "shortest toa ever" because he was turned half-way back into a Matoran, thus makeing it more difficult to use his mind blowing yet unstable power as well as his elemental power.