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Glitch is an abnormal element that only some Toa possess, and no Glitch Matoran has ever existed.

Powers And Abilities[]

  • Control, destroy, and even give life to or take life to, sacrificing massive elemental energy in the process, mechanical objects
  • Mix reality with glitches, making a bio-organic terrain
  • Transforming an object into a glitch-like replica, sacrificing all elemental energy
  • Transfer an at least 80% biomechanic life form's mind to anothers'
  • Performing a Glitch Nova Blast (Toa only)


  • Hiaro
  • Glimet Barham


Toa of Glitches have brown, green, and gray armor colors.


  • One Toa of Glitches, Hiaro, seems to have a mask based off the Matatu, but is not from use experience.
  • Toa of Glitches can be male or female.