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Glider Owl
Conservation Status Widespread
Pronunciation N/A

Versuvian Glider Owls (sometimes simply referred to as Glider Owls) are peaceful bird-like Rahi.


The owls were some of the first Rahi ever created, brought into existence by the Great Beings and placed on the island of Versuva shortly after its creation. As such, they were one of the few Rahi not created by the Makuta. The owls were popular as pets among the inhabitants of Versuva due to the amount of ease it took to tame them. They were also commonly used as couriers, used to relay messages to others across Versuva.

Soon after Teridax's death, most of the remaining Glider Owls migrated to the reborn Spherus Magna along with the Matoran Universe population and many Rahi.

Abilities and Traits[]

Nocturnal Rahi by nature, and extremely resistant to cold conditions, the Versuvian Glider Owl prefer to hunt late at night for their food. Though capable flyers by themselves, the owls, as their name suggests, prefer to glide across the skies to make themselves less noticeable and silent. They are fungivores, and generally prefer to eat fruits over other food sources, though will occasionally supplement their diet with insects and other small animals. Possessing razor-sharp claws, they use them to speedily and efficiently snatch up food or for defense, when under attack from other Rahi. They also possess one fairly sharp horn on their head.

Peaceful and friendly birds, and easily tameable, the Glider Owls generally prefer to travel alone, and usually aren't found in groups. Many find the company of the owls enjoyable, and many have been adopted as pets. The owls are also some of few Rahi that grow as they age.

Known Versuvian Glider Owls[]

  • Terkla
  • A red and silver Glider Owl trained to spy on Versuva


  • They were partially inspired by the real-life Megabat.