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The Glass Stalker is a species of Rahi which is somehow afflicated to elemental glass. When pressed, they release elemental glass energy. This power is unique to these rahi, and since they are frequently hunted, local desert Turaga had strictly banned the hunting of these endangered rahi. However, Matoran from other lands rarly obey the local leaders.


These rahi were originally from Mogako, a larger continent where rests a canyon filled with sand crystals. These glass stalkers feed on them, and had been living in that canyon for thousands of centuries. Until a few decades ago, a group of Rahi Hunter consists of five members drove the stalkers from the valley and scattered the stalker horde. These hunters were captured and imprisoned, as the Matoran have lost their resources to trade with others, the Glass gems "provided" by Glass stalkers. The Stalkers had since been lost, and scattered all around the planet.


Glass stalkers are hostile, making harvesting the valuable glass gems sometimes a difficult and risky job. Luckily, these creatures have poor eyesight. Instead, they use their sensitive tougues to detect movements in the air. Their secondary legs had evolved into arms that can handle daily work. Their fist are incredibly strong, and one fatal strike means death of a harvester. The stalkers have poisonous stingers, which contains toxic mineral in them. The outer shell of the stinger oath is trasparent, and glows with a reddish-orange light. These creatures have a sickening smile on their face, just below their tan-coloured eyeballs. They done have teeth. Instead, they swallow ice crystals whole. They also have amazing sharp claws, which will never lose their sharpness. Hunters are usually after them for their claws. They have two-toed hind legs that is most likely weaker than the fore legs.