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"My favourite thing to kill? Matoran. I love seeing a Toa squirm as I kill a Matoran.There a plenty of other good things to kill though."

- Giltrex


Early Life[]

Giltrex started his live as an ordinary Skakdi on Zakaz. He tended to break things however, and was banished to the Pit for killing hundreds of his own kind. He spent the next millenia in the pit, until the Great Catclysm occured and he broke free. He was mutated by the Pit waters, and found it hard to breathe on land. "Shadow" found him unconcious and took him to a base on one of the chain islands around Vaku Nui. He inserted a device in his lungs, connected to a breathing tube. From then on, Giltrex was now a member of The High Order of Shadows.

Later Life[]

One of his first missions was to steal a stone from a Dark Hunter base on another island. The mission almost ended in disaster, as he was confronted by a Dark Hunter by the name of ShadowClaw, who almost defeated Giltrex in battle. Giltrex blasted the roof and buried the Dark Hunter in rubble, and he retrieved the stone.

He went on several missions after that, confronted by ShadowClaw several times, who was trying to hunt him down. Once Obsidious learned this, he decided to keep Giltrex at Vaku Nui. He was upset with this, but knew better then to defy his leader.

Abilities and Traits[]

As most Skakdi did, Giltrex possesed an elemental power, a vison power and another power. Giltrex lost the ability to use his Elemental power after he was mutated, though his other powers were intact. He possesed the ability Mindwipe, which wipes the memory of any being near him. He can also restore memory with this power. His vision power was simply Laser Vision. He gained a tail after mutation, and could fire deadly acid. He rarely used because "It takes the fun out of a fight.".

He was extremely savage, and would attack anyone if they even came near him. He was restrained from doing so when he was recruited into The High Order of Shadows.


His main weapon is his Electro Blaster, which fired blasts of electricity. On the other side of this weapon is a claw.


  • Giltrex was based off Reidak & Nektann.
  • He considers ShadowClaw his rival.
  • He designed the weapon he currently wields.
  • Giltrex once fought Nektann.
  • Giltrex knows Skouran, but the two never talk much.