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Gigas Magna Storyline/Invincible
Date Set
1,000 AGC
Gigas Magna: Downfall

Invincible is an upcoming novel set prior to the onset of the Order of Darkness War, detailing the concurrent conflicts of the Baterra War and Xian Insurrection. It serves as a prologue to The Fairon Chronicles.



Tensions are escalating in the Matoran world. A hostile faction known as the Order of Darkness has defected from the otherwise peaceful Brotherhood of Makuta, occupying the city of Robotopolis, out of reach of their former leaders. As they lie in solitude, Makuta Velnax and his cohorts begin plans for all-out war...

On Noctxia Magna, Velnax's actions have caught the attention of the Enforcers. In the midst of the war against the Empire, its leader departs for Aqua Magna to seek out an old enemy, a loyal strike team accompanying him. But first, they need allies--and the Order of Mata Nui does not set aside its animosity so easily...

Meanwhile, in the deserts of Bara Magna, a lone Makuta touches down to face the unknown, on a mission of vital secrecy. A new threat looms over the horizon--one that could potentially destroy all life the planet. Before he can succeed, he must face the might of the Baterra, and encounter an even more sinister foe...

And as the onset of the great war strikes like lightning, all beings race to learn--what does it take to become invincible?



  • This work is based on concept ideas for early works, The Hunt for Antidax and Escape to Bara Magna (or Dark Forces). They can be seen here and here, respectively, though they should not be taken as canon.