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BION 001
Species Matoran, Toa
Group None
Kanohi None
Colors Green, Silver
Element Poison, Air, Electricity
Occupation Rahi Tamer
Tools Air Katana
Location the Pit
Status Alive
Pronunciation Guth-ling

Ghuthlin is similar to a Rahaga. How, you might ask? He is taller than even an average Matoran, and doesn't even have a Rhotuka!

No, Ghuthlin is similar to Rahaga in their main quality-they tame the Rahi, and so does he. However, he wishes to forge a Rhotuka.




Ghuthlin in Comic Form

Before he tamed Rahi, Guthlin forged Kanoka, and forged them into Kanohi. However, he didn't feel it was Daring enough. So he went to Le-Nui, where he fell into the Sinister Swamp and gained the Element of Poison.


Guthlin was rescued by a Four-Legged Pukko, and realized that he now had Air Katana.


Realizing how much there was to learn from Rahi, he decided he would tame them. He built himself a Hut out of fallen Wood and dry leaves, and started raising all sorts of Rahi.



Ghuthlin in The Pit

When Ghuthlin was framed of murdering Biokau, Botar sent him to The Pit. The Mutagen transformed him into a Toa of Electricity, his Air Katana now huge Lightning Greatswords. Trained by Krakua, he became a Toa-Kal. He was also one of the few beings to breed the Sea Squid-and he raised his with the power of Electricity. He forged his own squid launcher, taking precise curves and getting the Accuracy just right.


Ghuthlin was kind, and a Nuetral Fighter. He would only attack those who attacked him-for instance, when he moved to Bio-Land and the Invasion of Spiders of Doom took place, he wiped out nearly 30 Visorak.

Powers & Abilities[]

Ghuthlin could create and control Cyclones, Tornadoes, and Poison. He often experimented with creating new Acids and Rahi, see the Ghuthlin Blog.


  • At first, I was going to make the Pukko Ghuthlin's only Rahi, and have him be evil. Then I made new Rahi, and decided to make him tame them.
  • Killh (the Pukko) is the Rahi he is most fond of.
  • Ghuthlin's dream is to tame a Gukko Bird.