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Dark Hunters
Spear of Fusion
Alive, hunting Toa
Northern Continent

Gerdris is a Skakdi of Plantlife and a Dark Hunter. He is best known for the theft of the Spear of Fusion from the island of Nynrah.


Gerdris, like all Skakdi, originated from the island of Zakaz, where experiments by a Brotherhood of Makuta agent forever changed Skakdi society. It is unknown at what time Gerdris was recruited into the Dark Hunters or under what pretences, but it is generally assumed, like many Skakdi, he joined them for personal gain. Gerdris was first encountered by Nuphol, who was captured by the Skakdi Dark Hunter. Resistance by Nuphol proved to be inadequate compared to Gerdris' ability of 'pulse vision', and Gerdris later left Nuphol, encountering a savage creature which was actually a mutated Aethif, as changed by the Visorak. In the confusion, Jerrow attempted to rescue Nuphol, and was intially stopped by Gerdris, but the arrival of Lesovikk tipped the odds against the Skakdi and he was forced to retreat.

Later, Gerdris licensed the activities of the Dark Hunter Charger in order to capture Nuphol and Quoff, but Charger was defeated and Gerdris was forced to abduct Quoff and Utora himself, at which point he used the Spear of Fusion, stolen from the island of Nynrah, to fuse the two together into the form of Prototype, which he then set upon Lesovikk and Nuphol. Prototype is defeated, but before the two can be un-merged, the mutant escapes, and Gerdris is captured by Lesovikk for questioning on how he obtained the Spear of Fusion and how to return Quoff and Utora to their former selves.

Abilities and Traits[]

Gerdris is very illiterate, being unable to read or write the Matoran language. Like most Skakdi he is strong and can hold his own against creatures twice his size. His element of plantlife gives him rudimentary abilities when it comes to interactions with botanical lifeforms, but these powers can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi. He possessed 'pulse vision', which allowed him to target the nerve centres of any life form and cripple them almost instantly as a result. He was often seen using the Spear of Fusion, whether to haphazardly create mutants to do his bidding or violently tear apart adversaries at the molecular level.


Strength: 12
Agility: 7
Toughness: 8
Mind: 6