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Generation 1 Protodermis Motorbike
Function Transportation and protection
Status In use
Location Karza Nui
Pronunciation N/A

The G1-PMB (Generation 1 Protodermis Motorbike) is a transport designed by Tahae out of scrap metal.



Tahae on the G1-PMB

The machine was designed out of scrap and assorted tools. It ran on Protodermis, having been built with a system that would use the fuel to its full potential, using up both the pure and waste Protodermis.

Despite having been being damaged multiple times from Matoran guard speeder bullets, the G1-PMB has always managed pull through, thanks in large part to its sturdy design. It had two exhaust pipes on the back, making the G1-PMB able to launch a short distance off the ground. Its structure held a strong, fast engine for high-speed chases.