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Gelum is the leader of the primitive Ice Arktus who have been jailed permanently under the Crystal Pyramid on Arktus Magna. He and the others have just began a mission to dig back to the surface.


Gelum was Frohnaz's right-hand man and guard at the time of the war against the Fire and Stone Arktus, and when he was killed Gelum took over the job of leading the battle. It was his capture that forced the tribe to surrender. After that a few of the ice Arktus were killed, but most were jailed underground including the leader himself. Being underground made many of the inhabitants go crazy, this included Gelum. He begame made with revenge and began telling stories of his "heroism" against the "dangerous monster of shadow" Ultraz. He said that legends tell of them escaping the caves and saving the world. Since most of the Arktus were also crazy they agreed to help break out of the jail. Eventually they did, but they still needed to dig their way out. From then on he was treated as their elder and mentor.

Traits and Personallity[]

Its important to note certain things about Gelum's personallity and traits. Gelum is slightly mental and believes in legends about himself that he made up. One explenation for why he may have made this up may be because of his failures in war, and he felt that he had failed his people. Another thing to be said about him is he very tall in comparison to the other Ice Arktus.

Powers and Abilities[]

Because all ice Arktus where not around when the powerful Pretamordis masks where creatted, they have no elemental abilities unless they are in contact with it. He does wear an army helmet as a sign of power thought. Also Gelum is extremely strong.


-Gelum means snow in latin